Career Opportunity at the Embassy in DC, Anyone?

June 13, 2007 - 2 Responses

i’m not sure who comes by here but i guess there are some interesting folks who do according to my stats panel on wp *grins* Anyways, if anyone is in DC at the moment and is looking for something comfy, pays average, is homesick and missing wonderland and would love to keep their taste buds tuned well to home, then by all means please send an email to hussain(@) with your resume, for the Embassy of Wonderland to the US is looking for an Executive Secretary to the Ambassador.
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one of those meme’s – my social persona

June 1, 2007 - Leave a Response
What’s Your Social Persona?

Social Butterfly
You know how to meet people. When you go to a party or out to a club, you’ve usually circulated the whole room within an hour and by the end of the night have hit every clique of people at least ten times. People love going out with you because you know how to easily engage with others. Some times, though, you should think about calming down and spending some quality time with one group instead of a moment with each. You form some lasting relationships if you just stay put for five minutes.
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Hopefully the results are right, am trying to look around for two type’s of meme’s i’ve yet to chance upon, one which does the bells and whistles on my emotional persona and the other my sexual persona. Apart from being tg and bi, my emotional showers most likely make up more than my sexual orientation or preference, diversity rocks! *smiles*

*sighs* it’s past 2am in wonderland and i can’t get any sleep, i need to find something to do, maybe hang around LuLu’s place and take pics or better yet go camp out at seef mall’s car park and entertain myself with all the cars/drivers which make up overseas traffic. bump into each other *grins*

Wonderland Officially Hates Transexuals

May 14, 2007 - 2 Responses

Well kudos to the brown nosing newspaper in wonderland for highlighting the fact that transsexuals do get harassed for their sexual orientation:

An Arab transsexual has been charged with soliciting men for sex, after being spotted in the street by a police patrol. He was seen dressed in women’s clothes and a wig in Exhibition Road at dawn, after leaving a hotel, a Public Prosecutor said yesterday.

The man, aged 20, tried to run away after police spotted him, but was caught. He was taken to Hoora Police Station, where his case was then transferred to the Public Prosecution. He has been detained seven days on charges of soliciting, until his case goes to court.

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And regular programming resumes

April 16, 2007 - Leave a Response

So all the hype surrounding wonderland is going to start dying down soon, most likely by the upcoming weekend and the regional traffic from overseas will be back in their droves *grins*

All this running around and synchronizing has affected my lovebug and has caused it to peak to a high *smiles all over* But then according to Newton’s law of gravity, what goes up, must come down.. so here i am, patiently awaiting to be guided onwards and She has returned so i have someone to lean against for directions and vision. And it was just last month, that i was close to flipping out.

Blessings in disguise i guess. Count yours, i know mine and am looking forward to giving them over to Her *grins*… Now i just have to wait and keep up the learning curve and slap me silly when i screw up repeatedly.. i guess re-reading something twice helps. Oh well..i’m the rug that adorns the doormat *giggles* And the slut continues reading…